Permanent shows / Multimedia Theatrical shows/ large Scale Extravaganza shows.


H3oMC always strive in going further and open new horizons! In our portfolio several large-scale original permanent shows have been generated. Those theatrical Master-pieces rely on Latest multimedia technologies… but only to bring forward the storyline and the message hidden in each of those extravaganza shows.Here is an brief introduction for some of them:


“Lost in Petra” is a permanent theatrical show with the famous Petra ( AL khazna ) temple as a background and is a feast of acting skills and 3d mapping projection. ( Copyright @ The UAE Ministry Of Economy )


“the spectacular toolbox”, is a concept for a multimedia indoor theatre, featuring spectacular special effects and an interactive live performance. The story is based on Arabic ancient inventions, in the field of astronomy, mathematics, medicine, engineering…. The Arabian golden era is well known for its gallery of famous scientists and inventions that are used all over the world till now. ( Copyright @ The UAE Ministry Of Economy )


” Circus Heritage”. An Indoor Theatrical Show with live acting and performance integrated in multimedia environment. The Past of the UAE is rich in tradition, culture & heritage. The Vision of the Present Rulers of this country is directly inspired from those tradions. With Circus Heritage, we will achieve a mesmerizing & rich reenactment of this heritage in an artistic way.( Copyright @ The UAE Ministry Of Economy )


Palmyra was one of my “target” back in 2010 already. Unfortunattely this might not happen soon(.


Several other Shows are under way. H 3 O, from 2017 will be taking a more artistic direction.


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