Mercedes S Class Launch Ceremony / Video Content Production / Abu Dhabi / 2017

Final Content production teaser

Event exposure in the press & post-show media

Concept & Mood boards

Storyboard 11.jpg

Work in progress – An In-depth Storyboard is created as a road map to translate ideas to designers and give a clear schedule to follow

Final Content teaser snapshots

Work in progress & production renders

Making of & test animations

Usually an animated teaser synced with a soundtrack will be created. it is a great tool to have a first glimpse of the final product and the overall mood of the concept chosen…Usually a PDF, Power Point and a MOV video file are delivered, showcasing ideas and concepts through a rich and impressive visual presentation to clients...

Rehearsal – Usually we are always involved for on-site delivery and testing of the multimedia content. In some cases, staying for several days for the rehearsal. During this period, and if it is possible, changes and adjustments are done to the material to fit perfectly to the event setup and storyline. Also we supervise the on-site implementation of the overall concept, including light design (When light and sound show) and choreography ( when interaction with performers…) Having a great understanding of production timeline & deadlines necessities, projects are always delivered on time

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