Sharjah Light Festival 2022 / Rafisah Dam Mountain / Artistic Direction / 3D mapping Content Production /

Dream Of The Impossible

Resolution: 16 000 pixels / Duration: 11 minutes

The majestic backdrop of the Al Rafisah Dam is the panoramic setting for Dream of the Impossible depicting the force of determination to achieve one’s dreams. A boy has a dream – to reach the fort and touch the moon, in his quest, he follows a sphere of light which leads him into a vision of the past where he understands the hardships of the ancient way of life. As traditional elements disintegrate with the passing of time, we enter an era where the landscape is harmonious and new hope comes into being as the audience is treated to visions of the future – a gracious city with beautiful architecture where the boy will reside with his family in the future. This story reflects how difficulties of ancient times will be risen above and the impossible will be overcome by the Sharjah and the UAE with a dedication to respect for heritage, supported by enlightenment, culture and education.

Mapping Content Renders & Preview snapshot

Onsite rehearsal & show photographs

Sharjah Light Festival 2022/ 3D Mapping Content Production / Resolution: 16 000 pixels. Duration: 11 minutes /
It was a great honor to be the Artistic Director of the Sharjah Light Festival 2022. Many thanks to the Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), Sharjah Light Festival, Mr. Essam, Mr. Abdulatif, Mr Rashad and the whole fantastic production and artistic team. #slf2022 #sharjahlightfestival #sctda #mappingprojection #mappingcontent #nauarbitar #h3omcllc #giantprojection

Projection calibration & testing

3D scanning & model animation / Making of

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