King Abdulaziz Center Mapping / Apollo 11 / 50th Anniversary / Saudi Arabia 2019

Content Production Preview on virtual 3d building

3D modeling and animation setup

3D rocket modeling and animating the take off combustion effect.

A new challenging task demanded for a new narative approach. Tell a visual story of space pioneering by exposing it under the skin of the star building. The elements of this story will literaly take life under a thin layer of metal texture. Mapping is about shadows after all…

Displacement effect

Research and testing for several version of animated displacement texture. This was made to highlight visualy the effect of high turbulence and the incredible heat eminating from the take off moment. The challenge continued: How building up a visual story as at the same time respecting the unwritten rules of 3D mapping… The building is still the star of the show! it is the one that comes to life, and tells… a story of Space pionnering?…

Logo modeling & animation

3D moon modeling and animating

the idea was to have it bump out from the surface and start its rotation cycle covering the major part of the building right facade thuse giving the chance to turn the building to a moon texture… the surface will transition and continue into a 3D ripple effect.

3D ripple effect modeling and animating

3D astronaut modeling, rigging, animating

Several scenes were created. Landing and walking on moon surface scene was created but later removed and not used. The scene of the astronaut ripping the surface in a fabric effect was also tested but removed. The shatering effect was finaly used n the final content output.

3D landing modul modeling & animating

3D step on the moon surface & effect

Source of Inspiration

Yann Nguema / EZ3kiel – Mapping EVOLUTIONS @ Fêtes des lumières 2016 (Cathédrale StJean). Dec 10, 2016 Programmation vidéo: Yann Nguema Musique: Ez3kiel Design Lumière: Arnaud Doucet & Red System Operating: Red System Production: La Maison Production.

King Abdul Aziz Center For World Culture. Saudi Arabia


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