8k Projection Content creation / “Mouawad Anniversary” / Beirut 2015


2015 / MOUAWAD 125TH ANNIVERSARY 2015. Beyrut. Grand Hills Hotel. Brumana /  Resolution=8000 pixels /  retrospective movie of 10 minutes was created on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Mouawad family /

Mouawad a luxury jeweller and timepieces brand is celebrating its 125th anniversary in its home country – Lebanon. Mouawad has a remarkable story to be narrated to its customers and fans since its inception and H3oMC has been asked to build a custom made movie to bring forward this History in an artistic and spectacular way. A retrospective movie of 8 minutes has been created and synced to a custom edited soundtrack. The Fashion show and other event running order moments are covered also with a large quantity of video loops.


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