“Viva Vivaldi”/ Mapping content production / Permanent show in Venice 2017


VivaVivaldi- The trailers

Vivavivaldi, is an ongoing permanent show in Venice launched in May 2017  , the story of both the human and artistic personality of Antonio Vivaldi and his extraordinary composing skills through images and music. He was a visionary genius ahead of his time.
The show is a new, unique, sensorial and musical experience using 3D mapping technologyand surround sound with scent special effects.
H 3 O - PORTFOLIO 2020 - Vivaldi Museum 03


VivaVivaldi- Photographes of show

VivaVivaldi – in the press

VivaVivaldi – Tripadvisor visitors reviews

” …The final room is a presentation of the 4 Seasons with an incredible visual display” . ” The combination of Vivaldi’s powerful music and the amazing visual & sensory effects truly immerses the audience making it a spine tingling experience. This show is perfectly suited to the cultured, beautiful city of Venice”
” The 3d graphics were stunning and got better further in”

From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h62x9VcwVRY

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