Sharjah Light Festival 2022 / Noor Mosque / Artistic Direction / 3D mapping Content Production /

Sharjah Light Festival 2022/ Noor Mosque / 3D Mapping Content Production / Artist: @Anushka.kala_jade2000. /Resolution: 28 000 pixels. Duration: 10 minutes /

It was a great honour to participate as the Artistic Director of the Sharjah Light Festival 2022. Many thanks to the Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), Sharjah Light Festival, Mr. Essam, Mr. Abdulatif, Mr Rashad and the whole fantastic production and artistic team. #slf2022 #sharjahlightfestival #sctda #mappingprojection #mappingcontent #nauarbitar #h3omcllc #giantprojection

Demoreel Snapshots

The beauty of the emirate’s beloved Al Noor Mosque is showcased in this show reflecting the position of art as a tool of communication and Islamic art through time and history as an elemental language of the universe. Act 1 blends geometry, architecture, physics, mathematics, and philosophy into an astonishing show echoing the influence of art on the world – a Language of the Universe. Act 2 leads in The Human Factor, intertwining plants and abstract curvilinear motifs delineating the monument with the patterns and colours from the earliest Islamic period. The show comes to a reflective finale with Beauty by Contrast, a modern and digital interpretation of the universal language, dramatically contrasting shapes with previous harmonious sequences, seeking to explore the position of art in the future.

Production Preview Trailer

Beauty by Contrast

Artist : Anushka Kalatsheva
Russian artist based in Dubai, artist Kalatsheva specialises in 2D sketch animations and 3D mapping colorful designs. Mixing hand drawn and animated sketches with motion graphic colorful ink animation backgrounds, Kalatsheva has worked on several prestigious international projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Europe as well as the Vivaldi Museum mapping in 2017, Venice and the King Abdulaziz Center for World culture in Saudi Arabia.

Onsite photographs

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