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Nauar Bitar

Residence: Dubai / Moscow

Email: h3omcllc@gmail.com  / nawarbitar@yandex.ru

Skype: H3oConcepts

Website: www.h3oconceptz.com

Vimeo  https://vimeo.com/h3omc

Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMSu2dTPMYZ9H6ZptRzujrw

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/nauarbitarh3o

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/h3omc_multimedia_creations/?hl=en

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About me

Nauar Bitar is a Multimedia Creative Artist with an experience of more than 20 years in the field of ephemeral large scale events, immersive 3D mapping installations and permanent theatrical shows.

He is behind the visual conception of several major events as: The Viva Vivaldi permanent show in Venice ( 2017), the Bolshoi Theater 3D mapping ( 2014-2015), in the frame of the Moscow International Light Festival, The Burj Khalifa Opening Ceremony content ( 2010 ) and the Jumana Extravaganza permanent outdoor show concept & content production ( 2007), Also as being officially invited to be part of the jury for the 2014-2015 Circle Of Light, International Light Festival in Moscow. http://lightfest.ru/. 

His mixed cultural backgrounds, French, Russian and Arabic allows him to think literally “ outside the box” producing unconventional & creative results. Always striving to go further and reach new horizons of expression, he is also a theatrical show creator & the visualizer of his own visions.

Be it a large entertainment show, an artistic performance, a royal or vip wedding, a corporate event with activation zones creation, he is involved at all stages – working on concept, design and production.

“… i always strive to bring a feel of mysterious beauty and unforgettable emotions.”

Projects & Achievments

2022                                                                SHARJAH LIGHT FESTIVAL 2022 /  3D Mapping Content Production / Resolution: 22 000 pixels. Duration: 15 minutes. It was a great honour to participate as the Artistic Director of the Sharjah Light Festival 2022, and produce the content for 8 fantastic venues. Many thanks to the Government of Sharjah & Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA)

2022                                                                EXPO 2020 / SAUDI PAVILION OPENING CEREMONY / Multimedia Content Production / Dubai

2022                                                                DUBAI DESIGN WEEK / Multimedia Content Showcase / Video projection resolution 10k pixels./ Dubai

2021                                                                LOUVRE EVENT / ABU DHABI 2021 / Content production / Resolution 8k pixels  

2021                                                                ARAR AIRPORT LAUNCH / CONTENT PRODUCTION / SAUDI ARABIA / 2021. Concept & production of the video content / LED screen  / Resolution HD & = 4k pixels / Duration= 20 minutes /

2020                                                                KING ABDULAZIZ WORLD CENTER  / VIETNAM CULTURAL WEEK / FESTIVAL AREA CONCEPT & DESIGN / 3D MAPPING CONTENT PRODUCTION / SAUDI ARABIA / 2020. Concept & design for the whole Vietnamese themed festival area / video mapping projection content production / Resolution= 4096×4096 pixels / Duration= 4 minutes /

2019                                                                KING ABDULAZIZ WORLD CENTER / 3D MAPPING CONTENT PRODUCTION / SAUDI ARABIA / 2019. 10+ projects for this building were created during the span of 1 year  / Building surface mapping projection  / Resolution= 4096×4096 pixels / Duration= 1-10 minutes /

2019                                                                KING ABDULAZIZ JEDDAH AIRPORT / CONTENT PRODUCTION / SAUDI ARABIA / 2019. Video content production for the launch ceremony of the new airport. / LED video screen / Resolution= 27 000 pixels / Duration= 15 minutes /

2019                                                                TSHAIF CONCERT / MOSCOW / 2019 . Tshaif Rock Tour / Russia /  content creation / Concept by Pavel Brun, Vyatsheslav Menshenko & Aliona Kozina. sketch designs by Anushka. / Onsite rehearsal and synchronization./ LED video screen / Resolution= 4000 pixels / Duration= 30 minutes

2018                                                                TOBAKOV THEATER / MOSCOW / 2018. Content production in the frame of the launch of the historically renown upgraded Tobakov Theatre in Moscow. The content was projected on the rear brick wall and the curtain / Resolution= 4000pixels / Duration= 15 minutes

2018                                                                ALICE IN WONDERLAND / PERMANENT SHOW ON ICE / 3D MAPPING CONTENT PRODUCTION / MOSCOW / 2018. Ice skating show directed by renown world champion Ilia Averbukh./ 3D Mapping & ghost screen content production / Duration: 90+ minutes / Resolution: 4000+ pixels / 2 acts / 25+ scenes.

2018                                                                CERCLE LAUNCH SHOW / Fendi, Trussardi & Baxter brands launch / Storyline & storyboard / Content production / instagram trailers / Dubai 2018.

2018                                                                UAE INNOVATES / City walk Dubai /  Event show Concept creation / Storyline & storyboard / Artistic direction / 10000pixels. Dubai 2018.

2018                                                                BLOOMINGDALES /ANNIVERSARY EVENT / 3d mapping content production on custo built architectural structure / Resolution=4k / Dubai

2018                                                                Honor Of The Nation / ICE SKATING CEREMONY / «Гордость нации». Ледовое шоу российских олимпийцев. / 03.03.2018 / Directed by – Илья Авербух.  / content projection / 4000pixels. Moscow 2018.

2018                                                                GAZPROM 50 YEARS ANNIVERSARY / content projection / 3000pixels. Moscow 2018.

2017                                                                LSP ROCK GROUP CONCERT / MINSK / BYELORUSSIA / 2017. I have been invited to Minsk by this famous rock group to create the video content based on their songs in the frame of an indoor rock concert tour in Byelorussia and Russia.  / Onsite rehearsal and syncronization / 3D & 2D content production / Duration: 30+ minutes / Resolution: 4000+ pixels / 2 acts / 25+ scenes.

2017                                                                ODESSA LIGHT FESTIVAL / UKRAINE / 2017. I have been officially invited to participate in the Odessa Light Festival 2017. The theme this year is: Fairy Tale and Reality. “The Meduza’s Labyrinth” is a love story, inspired by all known fairy tale clichés, that turn to a brutal and contrasting wake up call to dangers and obstacles of reality. Is there an end to this labyrinth?  A Special diploma for the integrity of the plot was awarded. Original concept & storyline / Content production. Resolution= 2500 pixels/ 5 min

2017                                                                MERCEDES S-CLASS LAUNCH / ABU DHABI / UAE / 2017. Show concept / Story writing / Moodboarding / Animated mood board / Animation tests / Visualization of content on mock up screen / Content production. 10 000pixels / 4.30min movie

2017                                                                ABU DHABI ROYAL WEDDING / Venice Memories /Content production/  Abu Dhabi / December 2017

2017                                                                BEYRUTH WEDDING / Fairy tales themed /3d mapping Content production/   

2017                                                                VIVA VIVALDI / PERMANENT SHOW /  3D MAPPING / VENICE / 2017 / “The Four Seasons Mystery”. Concept / Art design / Storyboarding / Pre-production animation and supervising the content production process from start to end, delivering 11 minutes of 3D mapping  with a resolution of 6000 pixels to be mapped on an indoor ached hall. With VivaVivaldi i have created an immersive phantasmagorical visual journey that tells the story of both the human and artistic personality of Antonio Vivaldi and his extraordinary composing skills. The show is a new, unique, visual, sensorial and musical experience.

2017                                                                FINTECH / DIFC / LAUNCH CEREMONY /  CONTENT CREATION / DUBAI  / 2017 /  Concept / Art design / Storyboarding / Mood boarding /  Content production. / Resolution= 4 000pixels / Duration= 5min movie & background loops

2015                                                                Mouawad 125th Anniversary / Beyrut/ 8000 pixels, retrospective movie of 10 minutes was created on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Mouawad family.

2016                                                                GATE AVENUE / DIFC LAUNCH CEREMONY / DUBAI / 2016 – Concept, visualization and content creation.I am behind the Concept, visualization and content creation. 10 minutes of video content and 3d animation were created for a special ghost screen. An innovative technology was used to present the future retail area using a Virtual Reality Mapping combination. A black and white sketch 3d animation of the future retail centre was projected to match the perspective of the existing construction site.

2016                                                                KUWAIT NATIONAL DAY / 3D MAPPING / KUWAIT / 2016 – Not hesitating to create a phantasmagoric, kaleidoscopic  30 minutes long content, mapped on the famous Kuwait City landmark and a  in dramatic sync with soundtrack and fireworks lasting 45 minutes. Overall resolution: 10000pixels.

2015                                                                TURKMENISTAN  PRESIDENT ANNIVERSARY / SILK ROAD DOME / LAUNCH CEREMONY / TURKMENISTAN / 2015 / Presidential Affairs Bureau. Content production for a 360 dome projection. / Duration: 30+ minutes / Resolution: 4000+ pixels /  

2015                                                                CIRCLE OF LIGHT FESTIVAL / MOSCOW / 2015 / Defense Ministry Moscow. “Time Cabinet”: Once again I was officially invited by the Moscow Government to represent the UAE in a new edition of the International Moscow Light Festival 2015. I was in charge of the main part of the program: A 3D mapping retrospective of the 850 years of the Russian National Explorers Organization.  Beating that year the world record for The largest projected image! The Resolution was of 12 000pixels, and the projection had a total surface area of 19,099.3 m² (205,582.33 ft²) .4 October 2015. The gigantic video projection was screened on the Ministry of Defense Building in Moscow, Russia.

2014                                                                EDEN ROCK ROYAL WEDDING / Content Production for a wedding/  3D mapping projection on the famous hotel Eden Rock / France 2014

2014                                                                ROYAL WEDDING / DUBAI / 2014 – H3oMC has been behind several Royal and high profile weddings. Starting from 2005, in Dubai Trade Center, H3oMC has created original wedding concepts and followed with delivering high class, large scale mesmerizing video content. This includes large format projection, 3d mapping and LED contents. Always, i start by writing the perfect script for a fantastic fairy tale story that will fit the expectations and aspirations of the client.(For reasons of confidentiality and respect to the client most of the material will stay off line.)

2014                                                                Dubai and Abu Dhabi Royal Weddings  3D & motion graphic video content was created for a 9000 pixels custom made LED screen for this wedding. A 6 minutes original story was written following client indications and requests. Concept, animated visualization, storyline, content production & choreography supervision including 10 ballerinas and 4 acrobat performers .

2014                                                                CIRCLE OF LIGHT FESTIVAL / BOLSHOI THEATER / MOSCOW / 2014 / . Original concept, storyline & direction. Moscow International Festival of lights. “World Theaters”. 3D mapping. 3D Mapping on the Boslhoi Theater facade,  in the frame of the ” Circle of Light”, Moscow International Light Festival. 2014. http://www.lightfest.ru/en/. Theme: The World theaters. 4 main civilizations & theaters will be revisited and explored. Bringing forward contrasting theatrical specialties, milestones and breakthroughs of each Culture. It is a chronological cultural travel: ” During 4 minutes and a half, we will immerse people in different Spaces & Times.”

2013-2014                                                       ASPIRE FAN ZONE CREATION / Qatar Aspire Soccer Fan Event. Doha . Original concept, storyline & design direction. Screen & stage conception. Motion graphics concept & 3d animation for a spherical projection.

2012                                                                QCS ( Qatar Cancer Society) launch ceremony 12/06/12. Katara,Doha . Original concept, storyline, content production & artistic direction. Choreography direction of 8 dance performers & 2 aerial acrobats. A dark but necessary very powerful confrontation story about the cancer. 30x5m curved screen & stage conception.

2012                                                                LYNX AWARDS / DUBAI / content production & 3d mapping creation

2010-2011                                                       Education Whithout Borders / Higher College Of Technology @ Emirates Palace: 200×50  meters architectural animated 3d mapping projection on building /9  minutes long visual essay : “The Silk Road”  Presentation, conception & production. (8694×1050 pixels).

2011                                                                Samsung Engineering / Complex launch @ Daman,Saudi Arabia: 3d mapping projection on building /6 minutes long visual essay : “Korea-Saudi Partnership” Animated Presentation, overall visual conception & content production. (hd vertical).

2010-2011                                                       Burj Khalifa, Official Opening Ceremony Event / Emaar / & New year event : 50×13  meters  projection screen /10  minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay : “The Desert Flower”/ 3 years preparation & conception/ Multimedia animated presentation & visualization of the fireworks display/ Fireworks by Group F, Christof  Bertonneau 50 x 15 meters wide screen / 5400 x 1080 pixel / 10 minutes long animation. “the Desert Flower: Hymenocallis”. Fireworks designed by Group F, under the direction of  Christoph Bertonneau.( Millennium Eiffel tower Fireworks designer 2000).

2008-2009                                                       Festival Of  Thinkers / Higher College Of Technology @ Emirates Palace / Opening Event for a 2 day seminar involving more than 2000 dignitaries   / 12×7 meters  double layered  screen (front transparent tule) _8 minutes long  motion graphics essay on the “search of yourself”:: Based on an original concept, the movie works interactively with performers :: “QuestionHead”

2008-2009                                                       Education Whithout Borders / Higher College Of Technology @ Madinat Arena /Opening Event for a 3 day seminar involving more than 3000 delegates  / 30×8 meters ,windowed HD screen _9 minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay on the new ecological solutions:: Based on an original concept, the windowed screens are also launch platform for performers:: “The Yamakzi” were brought specially according to this concept.::  “White Time”

2006                                                                JUMANA THE SECRET OF THE DESERT / Multimedia permanent show in Dubai / Storyline & show visualization / Identity creation / 3D content production / Projection of organic surface ( Dune) and Water curtain / Resolution 4k / Duration: 90 minutes

Other Clients: Porsche / Cartier / Tresemme / Lux / Mercedes-Benz Daimler / Dubai Internet City / Samsung / Mercedes-Benz / EMAAR / NAKHEEL / Government of Dubai / Legends Theme Park / Dubailand / ADMA / NBAD: National Bank Of Abu Dhabi / Dubai Opera /  AFC / Aspire Sports Qatar / Qatar Cancer Society / SuperClub / Dubai Cares / Creative Technology / Dubai Properties / DWTC: Dubai World Trade Centre / Media City Launch / Oman Tattoo Military Parade / Kuwait Government  / Etisalat / DEWA: Dubai Electricity & Water authority / Eventique / Dubai Emirates NBD / Dubai Municipality / Jumeirah Royal Mirage / Dubai Police / Atlantis / ADNEC / RTA: Dubai road & transport authority / Dubai Emirates Airlines / Dubai Fashion Week  / Dubai Autodrome / Dubai Shopping Festival / Dubai Equestrian World Cup  / Abu Dhabi Higher College Of Technology /  Mouawaad / Lynx / Dubai International Financial Centre / Gate Avenue / Dubai Health Authority / Moscow City Government , International Light Festival , Circle of Light / Turkmenistan Presidential Authority / Italian Ministry of Tourism /

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1991-1998  MOSCOW FRIENDSHIP UNIVERSITY.  – Master’s Degree in Architecture & Civil Design

1989-1990  LYCEE DAUPHINE , MONTPELIER. –  Baccalaureate – France

Languages fluency:
English-“Very fluency good”
French- “Comme ci comme ca”
Russian- “Afigeno kruto”
Spanish-“Esplendido! “
Arabic-“Mashi AlHal”

s11 bw

Vyacheslav Minchenko


Nikolayamskaya 19 Mockow 79255076714

Vyacheslav has successfully produced major entertainment and show events in Russia and internationally during the last 25 years. Producer of the TV Program “PAROVOZ-TV”, Producer of Theatrical Performances: Satyricon, Maya Plisetskaya, The Imperial Russian Ballet, Lenkom, etc., Producer of major music shows: Mashina Vremeni, The Festival of the Studio “Soyuz”, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, etc. in St. Petersburg. Director of People’s Artist of Russia composer Alexander Morozov, a Member of the tutorial board of The Rostropovich Fund “Gloria” in Moscow. General producer and technical director for the following corporate events: OJSC Mobile Tele Systems conferences and exhibitions, Skolkovo Moscow school of management Gran Opening Ceremony, Fountains Closing Ceremony in Petergof in 2011, The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee Year of Cinema Closing event, IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 Opening Ceremony and entertainment events, Figure Skating Gala event in 2018. Creative and 3D mapping director for the “Chayf” music tour in 2014, Ice show “Alice in wonderland” in cooperation with Ilya Averbukh production center in 2017.

Aliona 11

Alena Kozina

Graduated from Moscow State University with a master’s degree in 2010 Alena has started to work within the marketing communications in 2008. Since than she has successfully participated in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, London 2012 Olympic Games, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, 2013 IAAF World Championship, 2011 ISU Figure Skating World Championship, Predraw for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in 2015 in St. Petersburg, 2016 IIHF World Championship, 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

 She started to work as an event manager and progressed to the position of the Event Director. The major projects managed as a General Director of the event are: OJSC MegaFon Hospitality program for London 2012 Olympic Games, IAAF Congress 2013 in Moscow, OJSC MegaFon Hospitality program for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, 1 year after the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2015 in cooperation with Ilya Averbukh production center, FIFA banquet and Protocol services for the FIFA Predraw in 2015, KHL Closing Ceremony event in 2015,  IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 Opening Ceremony, Hospitality director for Pitch Sports at FIFA Confederations Cup in 2017, Figure Skating Gala event in 2018. 

Nowadays Alena is the managing partner of the boutique sport events and hospitality agency in Russia – Hot Shot Sport and has become and the Head of Moscow branch of H3Oconceptz. +7 925 008 03 06